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People are fighting with each other


Don't solve problems. Remove them.

Big stuff

Cuz they don' know what their' doin'

listen at your own risk of me being probably problematic or something

It's about how you feel


Secret rooms


I'm jacking up my house

Yeah, let me tell you about it

Sorting and perfectionism

I just released a thing and it reveals the bad and good in me. Let me tell you about it.

Procrastination is an addiction

And should be treated similarly

Exaggeration is a super power

It's true

Emails are so nice

Ah, how I love to write an email.

Setting the tone

Let me tell you a thing or two about leadership

My primary aim: having as much fun as possible

Money, freedom, yeah - booorringggg. It's all about fun.

The art of receiving a gift

Someone gave me an expensive gift yesterday, let's talk about it

Its time to be a big boy

I'm the weirdest combination of financially organized and disorganized

The underdog: Matt's response

Matt Swanson ( sent me a DM with a good thought and I just told him to record it so you can hear it to! So here you go, Matt Swans...

The underdog

let me tell you about a narrative I've crafted for myself

Shuffle cards like a pro

Let me tell you a think or two about insecurity

Building codes and bravery

It takes bravery to suck

URLs and dramatic movies

This is actually a pretty fun one. I start out with a deep dive on a problem and wind up with my head in the clouds thinking about tv shows and how they relate to pull...

My mind is blown: VR home renovations

blown I tell you

Systems systems systems (and trash bags)

listen, I gottta tell you about this system crap

Active vs passive consumption

99.9% of my consumption is passive. I'm trying to change that.

Post and duck

That thing you're nervous to post? Just post it and walk away.

Bugs in finance apps

I hit a bug and was surprised

I'm in a good place

I'm in a good place now (work competition wise) and it feels good

My informal guide to credit cards and travel hacking

Let me try to thought spew everything I know about credit cards and staying in cool places for free.

Hi, I'm back

just catching up

Be relatable, not original


I need systems

I need to convert the chaos of my life to systems

Being too on-top of things

I need to be less on-top of things. jk. but really lol.

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