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Tit for tat (generous)

Lemme tell you about another way of being that is relevant to business and stuff yeah

Here's how we're gonna do 2024

I've been thinking hard about all things. Let me tell you about my new operating agreement with myself for 2024.

The mechanics car is running slow

Lemme tell you about my car (app) and how I made it fast and how I'm dumb

Cheers to not being healthy

Let's ring in the new year by celebrating our mediocrity and not cold plunging or quitting beer.

The wind in my sails

Lemme tell you about the wind and what makes it die

I did something that feels new and kind of original

I recorded a video

How to clean an office

Let me tell you

Christmas is different now

Christmas time is here. Let's talk about it.

Data tables are killing me

I just wanna be done at this point

When you can't even reproduce a bug...

Sometimes software is hard. Then sometimes it's really hard.

Being willing to walk away

A lesson on sponge candy, poopy diapers, and negotiation

Adult lesson: show up

A lesson my dad instilled in me

How magics work in Alpine

Kind of a fun little verbal dive on all the cool hacky javascript features alpine uses to achieve something like `@click="$el.textContent = 'foo'"`

We're gonna get through this. We always do.

A little mantra ringing in my head today

Clever little testing solution

Lemme tell you about a small win today

It's just too much right now

I'm trapped in glass box of emotion

All the things I bought and don't use

I regularly buy crap I don't need and never use. I should stop

Signals experiment in Alpine

I took the day to play around, lemme tell you about it

Let me show you my music

Check out some highlights from my spotify wrapped.Sorry for some reason I can't share a link to the playlist. I'll try to figure that out and update this description

Cracking the code on @assets and thinking about big features

Let's talk about it

Problem: loading JS assets synchronously

Dive deep with me

On being super distracted

Black Friday baby

What a spectacle

Hard to complain from this five star hotel

“You never told me being rich was so lonely. Nobody know me, oh well. Hard to complain from this five star hotel”"Nemo said to keep my foot on necks 'cause I can't let...

Launch day thoughts

Thoughts from a man celebrating a launch alone in his office

My neck hurts and chairs suck

You heard it here

Being a visionary living in the real world

We have a great inspiration right in front of our faces

I have a lotta weird thoughts on money

Welcome to my brain

Nobody cares about you

A framework for socializing

Another brick on the wall

the way i feel right now

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